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6 Downloads To Help You Make A Difference

When we set out to create Oh Hi Co. we knew one thing: we wanted to create a platform for spreading joy and positivity in whatever way possible (no matter how small or large). What we never expected was having to navigate our brand through such a tumultuous climate of needless violence. In the wake of yet another senseless tragedy, we asked ourselves what we could do to foster positive change. So we took to what we know best, the power of the pen.

We created 5 downloadable postcards and a letterhead that you can use to write to your Senators and/or Representative. 

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We invite you to channel your emotions into actions that can make a difference. It's our right to participate in our democracy (hey friend, are you registered to vote?) and when we collectively use our voices we can undoubtedly change our country and maybe even the world. 

We know that a voice of reason is the best way to contest ignorance, and the more the better! While email is convenient and quick, very few people actually take the time to write to a Member of Congress, so the few that do carry significant influence. 

To locate your Senator’s addresses click here. Enter your zip code here to look up your house representative. Be sure to write specifically to your representatives. 

Tips for writing your Senator/Representative:

  1. Include your full name, return address, phone number and email address. Be sure to include your unique involvement in your constituency. Have you been a lifelong member of your district? Are involved with community organizations? Say so! 
  2. Clearly and simply state the purpose of your letter and stick to one issue at a time. If it's about a certain bill, identify it correctly. Don't forget to share your personal experiences!
  3. Close by requesting the action you want to be taken. It might be a vote for or against a bill, or a change in policy, but remember, be specific.

Be kind, spread love.
Madisyn + Tony

P.S. If you have the means to donate, please take the time to check out Everytown for Gun Safety and support their mission for common-sense reforms to reduce gun violence.

Enter your email address here to receive the downloads.




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